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Raw material rises toy enterprises in difficulty
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Plush toys filler PP cotton a month price rises 50% plush toys enterprises have to push out a large number of export orders

Morning paper dispatch ( reporter Zhang Linlin Zhao Wei ) for nearly a month, plush toys filler PP cotton from one ton 12000 yuan rose to 18000 yuan, plush toys cloth also occur Duanhuo phenomenon.

Affected by this, I save plush toys enterprises have to push out a large number of export orders, the market the year of the rabbit Zodiac toy prices Puzhang two to three.

Plush toys filler material rises in price, stock

These days, a telephone order make Dalian a toy enterprises responsible person and Lu Tao happy and grief, joy is toy sales are getting better and better, the worry is not to offer customers, because raw material prices every day.

" Most of the time a day by 2400 yuan per ton." Lu Tao said, that there was no parallel in history. The soaring prices let him sit on pins and needles, also let all toy companies feel anxiety.

I save another toy company responsible person also said, PP cotton prices rose substantially, so that enterprises can not hoarding supply, and now they are most in need of raw materials, enterprises in a very awkward position.

Dalian another toy enterprises responsible person said, the enterprises have already started looking for other filler to replace PP cotton, but it will definitely affect the quality of toys.

Plush toys fabric shortage also let the toy manufacturers are worried. Lu Tao said, a month before he from suppliers that ordered a batch of plush toys cloth, the other side promised one week after delivery, but not yet.

Export orders all push domestic plush toy prices

When the plush toys from the inside to the outside. When rising in price, toy enterprises are facing domestic trouble and foreign invasion. Lu Tao said, the company's products are exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asian countries, every year before Christmas is the most busy time, but this year the export orders he would dare not answer," raw material a day a price, lane is bad to lose money."

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