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Plush and cloth toys will be the implementation of the new GB fillers may have a lump
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Just come back to buy Plush toys you can drop wool, toy filler uneven lumps, plush toy appearance the mouth is askew oblique eyes, small objects not fitted firmly ... ... These are the common problems of the plush toy. Reporters today from the provincial quality supervision departments that, from September 1st onwards, the plush toys will be listed on the prohibition of sale.

The new regulations:

The toy may not be "hands open"

Plush, cloth toys, the filling can be" black heart cotton"? This problem has plagued the guardian.

Reporters today from the provincial quality supervision department, the imminent implementation of the" plush, cloth toy safety and quality" the new national standard, the toy stuffing to be uniform, soft hard moderate and no lumps.

The province pledges inspect branch to concern personage introduction, the new standards, plush, cloth toys are not removable plastic small objects should be fitted securely, in terms of force, will not happen fragmentation, separation, and plastic parts surface no obvious chromatic aberration, distortion, cracks and scratches.

In addition, plush, cloth toys sewing quality, also called pin uniform, there shall be no off-line, skipping, disconnection phenomenon, not obviously betrays a confidence, with no obvious hole, missing parts and damaged phenomenon.

According to introduction, the new standard also on plush, cloth toys "the expression" to put forward specific requirements: decorative line should be the correct position, which will greatly enhance such toys vividness and authenticity of expressions.

Present situation.

" 3 without" toy to flood the market

Reporters today visits the discovery, at present Haikou some shops selling this kind of toys for the" 3 without" product.

In the Haikou Bo'ai road a plush toy store, narrow shop filled with every kind of plush toys, although these brightly coloured toys from the appearance of very eye-catching, but many toys have not proven its" identity" label. The reporter picked up several plush toys to look, discover these plush toys are mostly unable to trademark, neither name nor the site, is a typical" 3 without" product. But these plush toy packaging is very dirty, the reporter felt some plush toys, hand immediately covered with thick dust.

During the interview, the majority of plush, cloth toys businessman said, do not know September 1st plush toys to implement new standard.

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