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In low-grade plush toys most popular tourist
  Posted by:admin Published:2011/8/20 Reading:38891Page 【Font:Big Middle Small

The weather heats up, the major scenic spots also begin to warm up. A large number of tourists into the area, in addition to a consumer, into the area, there will be two consumer, such as the purchase of a variety of souvenirs, drinks, etc.. Thus, reporter for the visitors two consumer investigation interviews, it was found, vivid cute animal plush toy was the most popular.

Yesterday, reporter learned from the forest zoo, scenic areas within the sales of various tourism products have 100 a variety of, plush toys probably accounted for 50%, and its sales volume is best. In Tiger Beach, the Ocean Park, the reporter also learned, plush toys are popular, and those with Dalian characteristics of the shell or from a variety of crafts made of shells and not very popular. " There is one of the most direct factors, plush toy is easy to carry, especially for people who travel, this is very important. In addition, the shell made of a variety of handicrafts, in almost all City Arts and crafts shop to buy." Tiger Beach Niaoyu Lin responsible person told reporters in Geng Xiangdong. In addition to the direct factor, price factor also occupy a certain composition, in the forest zoo, plush toys are low-grade and high-grade, low prices in the 10 yuan to 50 yuan ranging from money, this part of toys sell very fire, but three hundred or four hundred yuan of high-end toys are often no one shows any interest in. In the interview, according to staff, shellfish handicrafts, often seem more formal, usually in the reception of guests to exchange gifts to use, and the plush toy looks more casually, whether to buy back their own as a souvenir, or sent to friends, have become more relaxed.

But from the various scenic tourist souvenir stalls to see, although the plush toys, but the area of its own research and development is few, basic it is purchased. In this regard, the forest zoo staff told reporters, the plush toys of the development, the cost is very high, such as R & D a good set of plush toys, costs about 100000 yuan. In addition, its own research and development, the need for mass production, and tourism is seasonal strong, so it is very easy for a large number of inventory. In this regard, Tiger Beach, Ocean Park, tourism souvenirs, is taken and manufacturers cooperation models, rather than their own R & D. They are usually for manufacturers to provide animal moments pictures, making factory plush toys as scenic features. At present, in this way the birth of tourism souvenir is very popular.

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