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Buy Plush toys need circumspect
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Buy Plush toys need circumspect

At present, the domestic toy industry is not very standardized, so that the market will appear the phenomenon of dragons and fishes jumbled together. Then, as laymen we how to identify plush toy is good or bad? Recently, Jiangsu quality supervision from the plush toys of the internal filling material, the outer fabric, appendages and work and so on several aspects to resolution, summed up a few when the choose and buy for everybody reference.

Consumer guide

The four strokes to easily buy Plush toys

 kneading. Because the outer fabric can be tangible, so generally easy to reduce costs, business is easy to steal machine mostly plush toys of the internal filling material. Internal fillings are different, grab the feeling, toy resilience, filling the natural distribution uniformity, and after washing filling material on the toy itself pollution levels are different. The general market mainly used fillers at cost from low to high foam, sponge, Peng collodion, PP cotton ( cotton, cotton PP three-dimensional ( 3D ) vacuum vacuum cotton ). There is also the one of the two mixes. For the latter, later again to do the introduction. The high quality for the PP cotton, PP vacuum cotton. And the best for PP vacuum cotton. It 's every fiber is hollow. So no matter how torsion, compression, PP vacuum cotton will soon return to original state. But because its cost is very high, so now the formal market more applications is still the PP cotton and cotton canopy. While the PP cotton resilience and fluffy effect is better than the Pont collodion. Peng cotton quality is better than the sponge and foam. Poor as sponge and foam. In these materials, PP cotton with foam cost several times more than, is also more expensive Peng collodion. So there are many manufacturers in the fillers with the article, in order to obtain higher profits space. Following several typical materials and PP cotton do a contrast: foam particle outsourcing sponge as fillers, a PP cotton kneading when has the obvious stratification, fillers and uneven distribution of sponge outsourcing; Peng collodion, a PP cotton in kneading when uneven degree of soft and hard, fast rebound velocity; Peng collodion a PP cotton in grab handle is strong, not easy to rebound, kneading after a clear sense of pits, fillers and uneven distribution of. Some bad elements, with a large number of pollution, harmful to human body of inferior materials as fillers. With this type of material processed into a plush toy appearance can not see anything, but grab feel no PP cotton made with elastic, soft play, the rebound effect is poor, and since the inner filling material quality is poor, there will be more to wash the dirty conditions. If we can distinguish between filling material quality, can be said to be deceived and the possibility of much smaller.

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